Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok, this turned out more amazing than even I thought it could! I love this desk! Wish I had a spot for it you think that I'm my own biggest fan?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ok, I painted this piece for my good friend Olivia. She scavengered around in my garage and found it over in the corner before it looked so good. I worked on it while she went out of town and I just had to text her while she was in Branson to show her pictures of it! It turned out so dang good! I love it! I think she does too! Yeah!

More Painted Furniture

I painted this desk for Olivia's mother, Helen. She bought it over the phone via another picture text...too funny...she went to Branson looking for a desk...and it was right here in my garage the whole time! :)

I painted this for my sweet niece Hailey Bug. I can't wait to see how it looks in her room...with the zebra print and bright colored animals on her bedding.

These are just some pieces that I've painted along the way. I love the way they all turned out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

~ I Love Frames ~

Frames Galore!

More Frames...

A Piece in Waiting...

I had this buffet for months... waiting patiently for our remodel to be complete ~ but it didn't wait in limbo...I knew EXACTLY where it was going! I painted it red, but needed the perfect thing to put on the wall above...after family pictures in Mom's backyard...I knew exactly what that perfect thing would be...could i have asked for a better picture? The loves of my life...Brinley & Bryson.

Little Miss Josie ~ How cute is your room?!

For my friend's daughter, Josie...she said pink was her favorite color! I wasn't sure how this powerful pink would look once I distressed it, but the dresser is my favorite piece yet! With it's cute legs and curvy's perfect! I hope Josie loves it as much as I do!

My Living Room ~ Triple Pleat Curtains ~ Wow!

Wow! What an undertaking! This is what I accomplished over Christmas break w/ the kiddos...Triple Pleat Curtains! Gma would be proud! I love the way these turned out, but they were very time consuming & mathematically complex!

Megan's Christmas Presents

Megan Sue was so surprised to get these darling zebra & hot pink items at Nana's house for Christmas! She asked for new sheets, but instead she got a cute flat panel, tie up curtain and two zebra & hot pink pillow cases...along with a new hot pink comforter to match! It was fun making these things, but more fun to see her expression when we carried them in! Hope you love your new room Megan!