Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Primitive Hutch turned Fab!

Ok, here's the story on this awesome piece...I found it...a friend wanted it, but changed his mind...I posted it on CL for sale, with not much luck, but tons of emails about it...some even asked me if it was hot pink? what?!...ok, so like, what's going on here?!...this piece is great, right? right. So some good ole gals from up the way have a cutsy fun store in Collinsville ***Simply Vintage*** and asked me to consign with them...so I jumped on that offer...sold this hutch and several other things there...whew-who!

Now, this primitive old hutch was pretty cool to start with, but it was asking me to paint it! The finish is glazed over with a fabulous brown for that perfect primitive look...what?! :)

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