Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wow! Look at Me...

I've been posted on someone's blog...yeah! How excited I am! Here are final pictures of all the Pink items that I posted back in January...they have found a home to a cute little girl named Maddy....I luv it! Thanks for the pictures Dee!

How delicious does this vanity look with the vintage gold mirror..ahhh! luvss it!

...and the bed!! Ahhhh...the bed...cute gold arrangement above...awesome quilt...made by Maddy's Momma, Dee...check her out at Bubbachic

Dee tied the room all together with great buys of a pink topper over white curtains...add some quilt patches and wa-la! Great room redo and surprise!

ALSO...I got another great "feel good" email today from Kelly...the lady that bought one of my favorite pieces...the turquoise dresser...I added her email below just because it made me smile so big...

I LOVE THIS DRESSER. Thanks so much! I keep sitting on the bed staring at it like it's going to do a little dance or something. LOVE it! I am definitely going to bring you the mirror to be painted the same color--I think that will really tie in the piece. And I have another dresser I'd like you to do once I get it fixed and working again--may be a few months before I can get it fixed. Let me know when I can drop off the chest though and I'll scrounge up someone to help me load it up.


...sound like I might have more "after" pictures to share pretty soon...

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  1. I LOVE the pink vanity and gold mirror! You do a fabulous job!