Monday, April 12, 2010

Tulsa Designer Showcase

A fun-time lady named Robyn called me to help her out on piece that she had for the Tulsa Designer Showcase. In case you don't know what that is...similar to's a mansion in Tulsa that all the posh designers come together to decorate their own rooms in the mansion and then the public comes thru to view them...along with several parties that place there during the 6 week or so viewing time...proceeds going to TPS. So Robyn had this fireplace mantle that was a little boring...glossy cream...and it needed a little sprucing she called me! Me? Really?! I originally planned on painting it black...but the magic started to happen as I was stripping away the layers...see what you think...



And since I helped her out with the mantle...Robyn let me add a couple pieces of my own to the show...up for sale I might add...WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!
Here's my first piece that I took...Black Hutch...

Here's my second side table...

***Follow up*** Robyn called to let me know that everyone luvvvved the mantle, luvvved her room design, which was the cafe and the opening night party was a hit!

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