Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Many Projects...So Lil' Time!

I've been workin' really hard lately to get my storage unit (garage) less "project-ized" - new word for the day- So get ready because you will be seeing LOTS of new things on here in the next few weeks! Are you ready? Can you handle it? I know I am...I've got ideas and the pieces to unleash them on... start off...I wanna share, possibly my favorite piece...a new frenchy dresser in RED. Check out my new RED piece at the end of my hallway!


We all know that I LOVE RED...but people, seriously...I'm really loving TURQUOISE! What is going on with me? I have never liked blues...but I'm in...put me on the bandwagon! Am I really going to redecorate my house because of this...I just don't know?!



**after** Adorable Dresser!!

**after** Sweet Lil' Side Table / Plant Stand

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