Sunday, September 4, 2011

What to do...???

What to do when you stumble upon a great "find" but it's missing an important facet of function? Totally improvise! That's exactly what I did when I picked up this great dresser that was suppose to have 9 drawers, but only had 8 :-/

...and the top was less than ideal... I started filling in all the scratches...added some epoxy here and there...and then got blessed by my sweet, football playin', artsie 10 year old that "wanted" to get in on the "fun" he helped me patch up all the areas needing attention...

...and leave it to me to "fix" the bent drawer pull...
(JB WELD worked perfectly the next day) how did I solve the missing drawer dilemma???

...I opted to remove another drawer from the other side to balance things out. I was initially hoping that I could remove one of the top drawers from both sides, but unfortantly the top drawers are smaller than the middle and I thought the middle section was the best choice to leave vacant. I added beadboard to line the insides and create cubies and then finished the whole piece in black...did ya ever even know that there were suppose to be 9 drawers? :)

...bonus to this dresser??? came WITH this super cute mirror! Score!


  1. Awesome! I'd love to know what color you used on this? What top coat is that. You did an excellent job!

  2. Thanks! I used Kettle Black Valspar and a poly turned out pretty good considering its beginning :)